Here are some of our most frequently asked questions! We welcome any additional questions you may have!

Contact us: GrooveDemons@gmail.com

Q. How long will the band play for?
A. Our typical performance time ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours! The band generally plays three sets of music, for 60 minutes each with 2 breaks – each about 15-30 minutes. This timing is flexible.

Q. What languages do you speak?
A. We speak English, French and Spanish.

Q. What can I expect from the band?
A. The band will consist of a vocalist(s)/guitarist/bassist/drummer band, as well as a sound technician. Band attire is semi-formal for male performers; black or other formal/performance wear for female performers.

Q. How much equipment do you have? How long do you need to set-up and tear-down?
A. Our equipment includes powered speakers, powered sub woofers, in-ear monitors, mixing console, microphones, cables, instruments and amplifiers, basic lighting. Setup typically occurs the afternoon of the event, up to 3 hours prior to performance. We ask for a 2 to 3 hour set-up/sound check window, preferably with no guests in attendance. All equipment will be cleared from the venue within 1 to 2 hours after the performance.

Q. What do you need from the venue in terms of space, etc?
A. We would ask for parking for 1/2 ton truck and trailer at no additional cost; a performance area (or stage) of 20 feet by 16 feet; a minimum of 2X 15 amp 110V electrical outlets within 25 feet of the band; storage space for cases, gear, etc; and a private “green room” or area for band warm-ups, pre-show preparations and band breaks.

Q. Do you take requests? Will you perform our first dance song?
A. Yes and yes! We welcome requests! Please provide a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks prior to the the event.

Q. How can I guarantee you will show up?
A. We are professional musicians with many years of professional services to our credit. The Groove Demons will never cancel; however if necessary, we will provide a full refund including the initial deposit.

Q. What are your fees?
A. Our rate varies depending on location of the event and length of performance. We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to reserve the date and the remaining balance must be paid on the date of the performance.

Q. What else do you request from us?
A. We’re very easy to work with. We only ask for a few things: ongoing communication regarding any changes in timing, performance parameters, requested music, etc; and an itinerary on or before the performance day, recognizing that some elements of this timeline may shift.

Q. What can we do to help you during the evening?
A. We would love unlimited access to non-alcoholic beverages, and, if available, light snacks towards the end of the evening.

Q. Our event is outside of Calgary. What do you require in terms of accommodations and incidentals?
A. For events outside of Calgary, we’d ask for one night hotel accommodation, and dinner (or meal voucher) prior to the event.

Q. How far will you travel?
A. We have travelled throughout Alberta and in BC. We’re very mobile!

Q. Do you have additional services or packages available?
A. Yes! We can make your stage as grand as you like, with additional lighting, special effects, video screen, etc.

Q. We have a very small venue and a more intimate setting for our event. Can the band be paired down to an acoustic show?
A. Yes. The Groove Demons can go as small as a two-piece to a three piece band. The price will vary accordingly, too.

Q. Would you perform at our ceremony?
A. Yes! We have performed as an acoustic duo for many ceremonies.

Q. Would you provide a PA for our ceremony?
A. Yes. Additional fee may apply.